Course Description

This course is designed for pastors, church staff, and laity leaders in a local church to learn how to implement or enhance a connections system in your ministry. 

Church Connections is the system a local church uses to: 

  • get new people connected into the life of the church; 
  • move current attenders along on their Spiritual journey; 
  • and re-engage those who may have left back into church life.

Along with a strong overview of the whole connections process, we will go deep into the difference between inviting and recruiting people to serve in your church.

As a bonus, you will have access to a printable participant workbook for the course and an option for a FREE follow-up coaching call with Ken Willard. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Author | Coach | Consultant

Ken Willard

Ken Willard is an author, Christian Leadership Coach, certified church consultant, speaker, trainer, and developer of curriculum used by churches and other organizations. He lives in the St. Louis area and works with churches, pastors, leaders, and organizations all over North America. His mission is to equip God's people to expand God's Kingdom.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Connections Introduction

  • 2


    • Church Connections Opening

  • 3

    Spiritual Formation

    • Church Connections Spiritual Formation

  • 4

    Connections Components

    • Church Connections Components

  • 5

    First-Time Guests

    • Church Connections First Time Guests

  • 6

    Current Attenders

    • Church Connections Current Attenders

  • 7

    Missing People

    • Church Connections Missing People

  • 8

    Inviting vs. Recruiting

    • Inviting vs Recruiting 1

    • Inviting vs Recruiting 2

    • Inviting vs Recruiting 3

    • Inviting vs Recruiting 4

    • Inviting vs Recruiting 5

    • Inviting vs Recruiting 6

  • 9

    Serving Pathways

    • Serving Pathway

  • 10


    • Resources

  • 11

    Next Steps

    • Next Steps