Course Description

This course is designed for pastors, church staff, laity leaders, and anyone else looking to learn more about discipleship coaching. 

Our goal is to equip you to begin a discipleship coaching ministry in your church. 

Our topics include: 

  • A brief overview of the discipleship process, and where coaching fits
  • What coaching is & what it is not
  • The building blocks of coaching
  • Expanded section on deep listening
  • What is discipleship? 
  • Discipleship coaching 
  • Example of a discipleship coaching session
  • Sample pre-work 
  • Spiritual disciplines self-reflection

As a bonus, you will have access to a printable participant workbook for the course and an option for a FREE follow-up coaching call with Ken Willard. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Author | Coach | Consultant

Ken Willard

Ken Willard is an author, Christian Leadership Coach, certified church consultant, speaker, trainer, and developer of curriculum used by churches and other organizations. He lives in the St. Louis area and works with churches, pastors, leaders, and organizations all over North America. His mission is to equip God's people to expand God's Kingdom.

Course curriculum

  • 3

    Participant Workbook

    • Discipleship Coaching workbook

  • 4

    Spiritual Formation

    • Spiritual Formation

  • 5

    Discipleship Process Overview

    • Discipleship Process Overview pt1

    • Discipleship Process Overview pt2

  • 6

    What is Coaching?

    • What is Coaching?

  • 7

    What Coaching is NOT

    • What Coaching is NOT

  • 8

    Building Blocks of Coaching

    • Building Blocks of Coaching

  • 9

    Deep Listening

    • Deep Listening

  • 10

    What is Discipleship?

    • What is Discipleship?

  • 11

    Discipleship Coaching

    • Discipleship Coaching

  • 12

    Discipleship Coaching Session

    • Discipleship Coaching Session

  • 13

    Sample Pre-Work

    • Sample Pre-Work

  • 14

    Spiritual Disciplines Self-Reflection

    • Spiritual Disciplines Self-Reflection

  • 15

    Key Learnings

    • Key Learnings